Ahmed Cherkaoui

Ahmed Cherkaoui


Born in 1934

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Presentation of the artist

Non-figurative painter, author of a work located between Arab-Berber traditions and Western modern art, Ahmed Cherkaoui is considered by art historians as the true precursor of contemporary painting in Morocco.

His artistic practice is intimately linked to his personal history and memories, the essence of which he wishes to bring to the fore as the paintings unfold. His world is that of signs, directly drawn from Berber iconography alongside his childhood, whose secrets he tries to unravel. These, mostly spherical, ovoid and quadrangular, structure compositions with dense, vivid and brilliant colours. The whole occupies the space in a dynamic way and creates movement, the circulation of light from one form to another, from one colour to another, from one transparency to another, inviting spirituality. From recomposed universal forms and symbols, Ahmed Cherkaoui has been able to build an eminently personal language.

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Nationality : Morocco

Painting Modern Art

In connection with

MACAAL - Museum of African Contemporary Art Al Maaden, Marrakech - Morocco