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Azel & Youri are the two talented designers behind IBKKI studio.
The duo of designers draw their inspiration from North Africa and more precisely from the cultural home of Numidia, former territory of the Berber people.

An IBKKI creation is both singularity and multiplicity. Its singular aspect comes from a unique local manufacturing process inspired by ancestral craft techniques. Its multiple aspect is woven by the dialogues between art and technique that have allowed its elaboration.

Azel & Youri's artistic approach finds its origin in the meeting between designers and craftsmen and seeks to adopt a new perspective on North African artistic and craft creation. In its creative process, the studio integrates traditional workshops in order to work in close collaboration day after day with local artisans. Each object is the fruit of numerous artistic and technical exchanges.The duo of designers participate in the making of each piece on the spot according to the simplest and most traditional craft techniques possible.

IBKKI is a witness of the intimate relationship between the designer and the craftsman. IBKKI is also an opportunity to lift the veil on the little-known traditions of the Berber people.

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Nationality : Algeria / France

Design Contemporary Art