Chris  Saunders

Chris Saunders


Lives & works in Paris, France

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Hailing from a background in fashion photography, Paris-based-Johannesburg-born photographer and video director Chris Saunders approaches his projects from the standpoint of a visual storyteller. His documentary work investigates the people and environments found in his images, particularly subcultures, local culture crews and artists.

In 2013 he began the documentation and ongoing collaboration with Impilo Mapantsula to create a documentation and visual history of the formidable Johannesburg born and internationally recognised dance culture ‘Pantsula’. The series has been exhibited globally with a solo exhibition at the UCLA Fowler Museum and in other shows at the MOMA in NYC and the Troppen Museum in Amsterdam. The final intention is to publish a book with the images and texts created during the project.

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Nationality : South Africa

Photography Video Contemporary Art

In connection with

Galerie Number 8, Bruxelles - Belgium