Evans Mbugua

Evans Mbugua


Born in 1979

Lives & works in Paris, France

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Presentation of the artist

Evans Mbugua was born in 1979 in Nairobi, kenya. He lives and works in paris, France.

His artistic vocabulary is richly colourful and aims to foreground differences and similarities through the use of repeated pictograms. Recently Mbugua created a body of works at Atelier Le Grand Village – a studio that focuses on stone lithography.  "The portraits I paint represent people who are close to me in one way or another. They can be long term relationships or individuals I’ve just met in different places and with whom I spent some pleasant moments. I simply want to keep a memory of these encounters which then constitutes an archive of the best moments of my life. For the portrait, I always start with a dot and it is an accumulation of dots that will vibrate together so that the portrait can be seen on the plexiglass. The starting dot represents an individual and it is the accumulation of these dots that will create the portrait."

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Nationality : Kenya

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In connection with

Atelier le Grand Village, Massignac - France