Gina Waldman

Gina Waldman


Lives & works in South Africa

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Gina Waldman is a mixed media and installation artist living and working in Johannesburg. Waldman works with feminised objects: Victorian etiquette books, tapestries, fabric, furniture, women crafts and other “domestic” objects and uses them to engage in a dialogue about societal systems of power.

Waldman argues that it is through these objects that we engage with the world and those objects uphold social and political hierarchies. For example the “paint by number” aesthetic that is inherent in womens’ crafts, or the symbolism of a hand embroidered serviette that is used to wipe dirt off a guests face.

Since completing her Masters in Fine Arts at the University of the Witwatersrand in 2003, Waldman has been exploring various themes in her work: kitsch theory, artifice, excess, etiquette and collecting.

Selected exhibitions include:  South African National Gallery, Standard Bank Gallery, Circa, Everard Read, Tokara Wine Estate, Cavali Art Gallery, Bell Roberts gallery, to name a few.

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Nationality : South Africa

Sculpture Works on paper Installations Textile Contemporary Art

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Artskop3437 selection, Paris, Bordeaux - France