Jilali Gharbaoui

Jilali Gharbaoui


Born in 1930

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Presentation of the artist

Jilali Gharbaoui is the custodian of a resolutely abstract and powerful work. Living in poverty, depressed, having spent several stays in psychiatric hospitals, he embodies the archetype of the tormented artist.

Eager to extricate herself from the traditional Moroccan geometric iconography, her plastic research focuses on artistic gestures and pictorial translation. In his painting, there is no place for repentance: only the original layout is authentic. The gestures, visible, are straightforward, the line nervous and confused. His compositions with dark dominating tones are nothing more than frenetic and jerky movements, reflecting his torments. A work as lyrical as it is dark.

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Nationality : Morocco

Painting Modern Art

In connection with

MACAAL - Museum of African Contemporary Art Al Maaden, Marrakech - Morocco