Mohamed  Fquih Regragui

Mohamed Fquih Regragui


Born in 1936

Lives & works in Tanger, , Morocco

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Collected by museums and foundations : MACAAL - Museum of African Contemporary Art Al Maaden

Presentation of the artist

Mohamed Fquih Regragui is the pioneer of Moroccan hyper-realistic painting. Representing scenes from the daily life of Northern Morocco from which it comes, with its traditional decorations and typical attributes, his works are more real than life, focusing above all on composition, colour and the rendering of materials. In this Interior Scene, the lines are fine and precise, the rules of perspective impeccably respected, the play of light followed to perfection. Everything is found in the details, carried out with the utmost care.

Textile work is particularly important and dear to the artist, who sees it as a source of perpetual inspiration and a permanent challenge: lightness or density of the material, folding of the fabric, satin effects capturing the rays of the sun and at the same time enclosing the deep darkness of shadows, rich or past colours, nothing is left to chance.

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Nationality : Morocco

Painting Textile Modern Art

In connection with

MACAAL - Museum of African Contemporary Art Al Maaden, Marrakech - Morocco