Mohamed  Kacimi

Mohamed Kacimi


Born in 1942

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Presentation of the artist

An engaged artist, Mohamed Kacimi places the Human being at the centre of his work. Without clothes, without attributes, without sex, without age, without age, without time, the destitution of the bodies it represents confers a disconcerting fragility on them.

In Haïk, the two characters have only the dense black powder that fixes them on the surface of the canvas. Only the title of the work, the name of a long woman's garment, dresses them. The frail, evanescent silhouettes are like souls rising in the deep blue of a starry sky. Immaterial, they are no longer part of this world. Mohamed Kacimi rid his characters of all superfluity to give Man the simplest, and therefore the most accurate representation: his essence, universal.

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Nationality : Morocco

Painting Modern Art