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Monogram is a newly launched studio that seeks to reinterpret design codes. The artistic vision of Aro Vega, the creator, is fuelled by the search of singularity. In an era of mass sharing and mass production, the brand is upstream adopting a more unique perspective. The process is part of a desire for authenticity within an era where the personality fades gradually to the benefit of the tendencies.

With Monogram, the proposal is different. The models are available in a limited number. Whether it is a single piece or a serie of 20 or 100, once the limit is reached, the model is archived. A new serie will then be created. We thus guarantee the uniqueness and rarity of each model.

Each interior, each room of the house, each decoration must have a soul of its own. We happen to believe that the latter comes first and foremost through the creation of specific, bold and original pieces of furniture.




The studio seeks to question contemporary design with sensitive tools to bring out a different reflection. The concept of Monogram is to make each piece of furniture an independent work, and each series a real scenography: different styles, periods and expressions offering a set both detuned and harmonious.

"Our ambition is to create an unconventional universe, where various artistic currents overlap and complement each other and where the richness of languages, codes and forms mix. At MNGRM, we do not design series, but a way of life."

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Nationality : France

Design Textile Object Contemporary Art

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Artskop3437 selection, Paris, Bordeaux - France