Ocom Adonias

Ocom Adonias


Lives & works in Kampala, Uganda

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Ocom Adonias was born in 1989 in Kireka, on the outskirts of Kampala.

Growing up in a city suburb that has meager resources and a heavy population; a typical feature of many fast growing African cities, coincidentally impacted his art career later on in life. Ocom went to Margaret Trowel School of Industrial and Fine Art, Makerere, (Uganda) and majored in Sculpture, Painting (watercolor) and Photography.  After graduation in 2014, he spent one year and a half as a photographer with Megapix- a local events company. This experience is still visible in his art.

With a background in multi-media, the artist’s present work is largely a combination of the three: photography, sculpture, and painting. In his paintings, the artist works essentially with paper collage; a critical metaphor to his humble background that is characterized by the notion of recycling. Everything in these modest settlements is reused and nothing is thrown away because there’s no privilege to buy something new. Also, through collage the artist is ironically giving the waste-material a new body or form.

Ocom originally a painter of portraiture had his art career switched on when he featured in Surface 2017 (a biannual conceptual development workshop at Afriart Gallery Kampala). That experience changed his art and challenged him to get back to something that defines him. The paintings he produces today 'Who’s your Saint series' evoke personal struggles and challenges of his community entrenched in the political-social context of the present.

Ocom Adonias has participated in FNB Johannesburg Art Fair 2018, Kampala Art Biennale 2018, A solo Exhibition 'Who’s your Saint?' at Afriart gallery and was a top 10 finalist in the Absa L’Atelier Art Competition 2018, Johannesburg. 

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Nationality : Uganda

Painting Sculpture Photography Works on paper Contemporary Art

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Afriart Gallery, Kampala - Uganda