Sungi Mlengeya. © Sungi Mlengeya

Sungi Mlengeya


Born in 1991

Lives & works in Tanzania

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Presentation of the artist

Tanzanian artist Sungi Mlengeya works primarily with acrylic paint on canvas, where her subjects vary between self-discovery and empowerment – specifically in relation to black women. Sungi sheds a light on their stories; their journeys, struggles, accomplishments and relationships, navigating, too, her own lived experiences as a black woman.

Sungi’s paintings consist of dark figures in minimal shades of black and browns against perfectly white backgrounds. She is a self-taught painter who in 2013 graduated with a bachelor’s degree in commerce and finance. In 2018 She left her job in banking to pursue a full-time art career.

Sungi's work has been exhibited at Cape town Art fair 2020, Latitudes Art Fair 2019 and ‘Surfaces’ conceptual workshop and exhibition 2019 at Afriart Gallery Kampala - mentored by Henry ‘Mzili’ Mujunga.

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Nationality : Tanzania

Painting Contemporary Art