Tiemar Tegene


Born in 1985

Lives & works in Addis Ababa

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Presentation of the artist

Tiemar Tegene was born in 1985 in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. She received a BFA in print making at AAU Alle school of fine Art and design university in 2009 E.C. She is a full time studio artist and has exhibited her works in different group exhibitions locally and participated in workshops that highly focused on print making. She use different techniques but most of the time etching. 

She is interested in the boundaries that exist within human beings: those that exist naturally within each person and those that are constructed by oneself. She is interested in the use of these boundaries as a tool of control and power. For Tegene, the denial of human tragedies occurring in the world does not escape the collective unconscious. On the contrary, according to her subliminally, atrocities such as torture, poverty, injustice cast shadows on our comfort zones.

The people who appear in her works are nameless; they are tributes to the "disappeared", the "rejected", those who are considered "collateral damage", the "disenfranchised"; they are "figures", "victims", "statistics". They also evoke "compassion".

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Nationality : Ethiopia

Drawing Contemporary Art

In connection with

Versant Sud, Marseille - France