Africa Unite ! A solidarity auction sale

A charity auction in support of contemporary African art will be organized in mid-September between Paris and Casablanca, by the two auction houses Cornette de Saint Cyr and La Marocaine des Arts. The sale event will also be streamed on Drouot Online’s website to allow the largest number of people to participate.

Initiated by the Foundation for the Development of Contemporary African Culture and the African Culture Fund, this sale is the result of a real spirit of solidarity shown by African artists, who offered their works to help the two foundations overcome the difficulties caused by the covid pandemic.

More than fifty works by thirty renowned contemporary African artists will be on display at the sale, including some artists from the pan-African travelling exhibition « Prête-moi ton Rêve » which opened its third stage at the Adama Toungara Museum in Abidjan last March.

Among them, Soly Cissé, Joana Choumali, Mohamed El Baz, William Kentridge, Siriki Ky, Abdoulaye Konaté, Mohamed Melehi, Barthélémy Toguo and Ouattara Watts.

The two auction houses (Cornette de Saint Cyr and La Marocaine des Arts) sell on a voluntary basis and do not receive commissions on transactions. The transport of the works sold will be at the expense of the buyer.

Some works that caught our attention

Lot n°1 : Mohamed Elbaz, né en 1967
Mohamed Elbaz, né en 1967
Sérigraphie numérique sur plexiglas 
160 x 110 cm 
Prix de départ : 5 000 euros
Mohamed Elbaz, LOVESUPREME, 2020
Digital silkscreen on Plexiglas 160 x 110 cm
Starting price : 5 000 euros
Lot n°5 : Mohamed Melehi, né en 1936
Mohamed Melehi, né en 1936
Calligraphique, 2020
Huile sur toile
Signée et datée au dos
200 x 160 cm
Signée et datée au dos
Prix de départ : 20 000 euros
Mohamed Melehi, Calligraphique, 2020
Oil on canvas 200 x 160 cm | Starting price : 20 000 euros
Lot n°7: Aboudia, né en 1983
Abou Dia, né en 1983 Sans titre, 2019 Acrylique sur Toile 150 x 150cm Prix de départ : 12 000 euros
Abou Dia, Sans titre, 2019
Acrylic on Canvas 150 x 150cm | Starting price : 12 000 euros
Lot n°16: Abdoulaye Konate, né en 1953 
Abdoulaye Konate, né en 1953  Composition en gris Bleu à la Lune Tableau en textile 217 x 145 cm  Prix de départ : 29 000 euros
Abdoulaye Konate, Composition en gris Bleu à la Lune
Textile 217 x 145 cm | Starting price : 29 000 euros
Lot n°21: Nù Barreto, Né en 1966
Nù Barreto, Né en 1966
Estilhaços, 2015
Technique mixte sur toile marouflée 
120 x 120 cm
Prix de départ : 5 000 euros
Africa Unite
Nù Barreto, Estilhaços, 2015
Mixed media on marouflaged canvas  120 x 120 cm | Starting price : 5 000 euros
Lot n°44 : Amadou Sanogo, né en 1977
Amadou Sanogo, né en 1977
La fin des combats musclés
Acrylique sur tissu, 2017
170 x 200 cm
Prix de départ : 5 000 euros
Africa Unite
Amadou Sanogo, La fin des combats musclés, 2017
Acrylic on fabric- 170 x 200 cm | Starting price : 5 000 euros
Lot n°65: Philippe Dodard, né en 1954
Philippe Dodard, né en 1954
Nuit allégorique, 2005
Acrylique sur toile
76 x 121 cm
Prix de départ : 7 500 euros
Africa Unite
Philippe Dodard, Nuit allégorique, 2005
Acrylic on fabric 76 x 121 cm |Starting price : 7 500 euros

The event organizers

The Foundation for the Development of Contemporary Culture

In recent years, we have witnessed an unprecedented craze for contemporary African culture. But if this craze for African artists has continued to grow internationally, even to the point of arousing the interest of the general public, it remains confined to a handful of art lovers and collectors on the continent.

Aware of the need for Africans to (re)appropriate their culture and art, and of the importance for artists from the continent to find their local audience, the Foundation wishes to work to make contemporary creation more visible in its homeland. By working to enhance the value of the works among an African public, amateur or connoisseur, but also by participating in the dynamization of the intra-African art market.

The African Culture Fund

The African Fund for Culture is an initiative that defends a continent’s desire to write new stories and give its unique culture a legitimate place on the world stage. The sources of funding for culture remain fluctuating, uncertain and dispersed in Africa despite the efforts of African governments and financial partners in the sector.

This situation makes the activity of financing culture very complex, both for the financial partners and for the project leaders. The creation of a continental instrument for financing art and culture is therefore becoming a priority for Africa. In this context of health crisis, the African Culture Fund (ACF) has decided to launch the SOFACO project, whose objective is to strengthen the resilience capacity of artists and cultural organizations through support for the creation and reconstruction of the social fabric of the arts sector in Africa in the face of the COVID-19 crisis.

Africa Unite ! Pan-African solidarity charity sale.
The date of this event will be communicated shortly*
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