​Miles Greenberg Alphaville Noir (2019)

Miles Greenberg performing in Paris

On Thursdays, March 7, 14, and 21 from 7pm, the Palais de Tokyo includes the performer Miles Greenberg in its event program. Based between New York and Paris, this Canadian raises questions about identity, shifts and traumatisms through various explorations of the black, queer body in space.

​Miles Greenberg , performance
​Miles Greenberg, Saying Grace (2018)
​[performance / installation]

Self-taught, he has developed his own theory of movement and architecture, today resulting in an artistic form on the crossroads between performance, sculpture and new media. As keen on linguistics as he is on physical theatre (Ecole Jacques Lecoq), he follows logical systems that are non-linear and self-sufficient, and which are often best understood when they are connected with each other. His work is generally based on techniques inspired from religious rites and rituals,ranging from butō to the ballroom, new technologies or hypnosis.  

​Miles Greenberg , performance
​Miles Greenberg,Saying Grace (2018)
​[performance / installation]

The artist’s performance is part of the Palais de Tokyo de Paris programme entitled “La Manutention – Performers in residence”.Launched in 2017, la Manutention is a new format that welcomes and encourages exploration and experimentation, providing artists the opportunity to develop their practices and produces original performances at the occasion of four performatives evenings for one month, giving visitors the opportunity to discover the artists’ world and an occasion to follow the evolution of their ongoing work

*The event can be accessed only upon presentation of an entry ticket.

→ Ticket access / Palais de Tokyo

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