This is African art’s Golden Age, but can 1-54 Marrakech help build a sustainable domestic clientele?

The high Western interest in contemporary works from the continent can be a real double-edged sword. It is now, more than ever that African collectors have to collect art from their artists before it is too late. It looks like soon, one can say western countries have took all the artistic richness from the continent. Sounds very familiar to a certain kind of ancient art story and the debate of restitution…

Here an extract of the article published by the Art newspaper as the 1.54 Marrakech was taken place.

“who is this fair for and can it help to sustainably grow a domestic collector base on the continent at a time when African contemporary art is the hot young thing of the global art market?”. Touria El-Glaoui, 1-54’s director who is herself from Morocco, says that while “it’s true” that white visitors dominate (…).”


Read the full article –> the Art Newspaper
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