Ficus, 2020

Unique Artwork

Mixed Technique

Acrylic and oil on canvas

CM H 89 W 116

IN H 35.04 W 45.67

Certificate of authenticity - Signed by artist


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Ficus, 2020

The painter Béchir Boussandel questions the links between the geographical social construction of the territory and its influence in the existential spatial experience through a pictorial analysis of individual or collective action within a territory. His work explores the notions of space and territory, but also of time, notably through the use of shadow, light and colour. He is interested in the construction of space and the link between intimate and public space as well as its apprehension by humans.

The series of landscapes without horizon - begun during a stay in Morocco earlier in the year 2020 - is in continuity with his work. The paintings are a reflection on existence. The series questions social constructions through the presence of, and the link between, actors - people and objects evasively arranged in a precise manner on the canvas - and territory.

Béchir Boussandel

Bechir Boussandel's work questions identity by questioning the space of time and the time of space. He is interested in the boundaries that seem to exist between intimate and public space. Most often, the demonstration of this duality involves everyday objects whose function is related to territory, mobility, appropriation or habitat.

The creative process that Boussandel puts in place most often begins with a photograph that allows him to capture and isolate the subject that interests him. This photograph is later translated into the plastic approach.

From the observation of the photographic image, a decontextualization of the object appears. A reproduction by drawing follows, then a transposition by painting intervenes. The alteration by colour, the 3D aspect, the play of materials, shadows and light create a sought-after imbalance and an impossibility to use or identify the subject. Appearances become deceptive. It is in this sense that Boussandel questions the place of the being in his environment and the capacity of the latter to appropriate it. Boussandel's works offer a pictorial field halfway between visible and invisible, between abstraction and figuration.  

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