Anna, My Grandmother, The lonely Woman, 1956, 2018

Limited edition

From the series "The Denial I - Family Portrait"
Medium Triptych photography
3 x 60x 45cm

Pigment inkjet print on Hahnemühle
Rag 310 gms
Edition 1/5 + 2 AP

Other formats available by contacting us:
Small Triptych
3 x 30 x 45cm
Edition 1/5 + 2 AP
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Large Triptych
3 x 100 x 140cm
Edition 1/2 + 1 AP
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Certificate of authenticity - Signed by artist

Anna, My Grandmother, The lonely Woman, 1956, 2018

Anna had six children to three different men and never lived with any of them. Nor did she ever married - This is a fairly common occurrence in Cape Verde. Eleane et Nelida, Santiago Island, Cape Verde, 2018.


Alexia Fiasco

Raised in the Parisian suburbs Alexia Fiasco studied photography at the Ostkreuzschule of Berlin before returning to live and work in Paris in 2015.  

Fiasco’s background in the arts and social field have shaped her video/photography practice, which draws on both documentary and fine art photography.

She explores the notions of identity and duality, this focus in her practice led her to create the Parisian girls collective "Filles De Blédards (ENG:"daughters of immigrants"), that aims at highlighting the dynamics of an international scene of young artists from ethnic minorities.

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Galerie Number 8

Galerie Number8 is a young contemporary art gallery representing a globally diverse roster of emerging artists in photography and mixed media. 

The brainchild of founder and chief curator Marie Gomis-Trezise, Galerie Number 8 presents work that looks to broadencommon perceptions of identity, representation and the human condition. 

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