Guidance, 2019

Limited edition

From the series "Drown in my magic"

Fine art print on Hahnemüle
Rag 310 gms
80 x 100 cm
Edition 1/3 + 2 AP
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50 x 63 cm
Edition 1/5 + 2 AP
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100 x 125 cm
Edition 1/1 + 1 AP
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CM H 80 W 100

IN H 31.5 W 39.37

Certificate of authenticity - Signed by artist


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Guidance, 2019

Artist statement: "I want to repurpose the exoticism, danger, and animalism projected onto black bodies. The series visualizes the de-humanization black people face on countless levels, and turns it into a message of empowerment."

Drown In My Magic shows humanoid water creatures. Some are equipped with fins, or sharp teeth, others could almost be confused with homo sapiens. They once beached, got caught in nets and cages - but they find healing in community as well as their way back into the sea. In the loose narrative, the character's care for each other trumps their intergeneratonal trauma.

Self-mythologizing, I thematize what it means to be dubbed "black" to have an oppressive notion of race imposed upon, and to thrive nonetheless. In my work I focus on bodies with nature, let landscapes reflect emotions, and sometimes incorporate slight surrealism. Often I use myself as subject, as starting point for an exploration that continues with others. This story wasn't entirely mine to tell darker skinned bodies can never benefit from colorism as I do, and the ripples of racism don't just affect the African diaspora.

Shot in Siné Saloum, Sénégal, with a local crew, we combined props and digital post production to tell an intimate, universal and unapologetically fantastical story.

David Uzochukwu

Growing up in Austria, Luxembourg, and Belgium, he delved into self portraiture early on.

Uzochukwu developed a digital practice, focussing on being othered, vulnerability, and the slightly surreal.

Often, his subjects are reflected in - or merge with - the nature that surrounds them. Lone introspection and devotion to something larger than themselves exist simultaneously.

He has collaborated with artists like Little Dragons, FKA twigs and Pharrell, been comissioned by Nike, Dior, and Hermès, and has exhibited at Bozar, Photo Vogue Festival, and Lagos Photo Festival.

He is working towards his first degree in Philosophy at HU Berlin.


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Galerie Number 8

Galerie Number8 is a young contemporary art gallery representing a globally diverse roster of emerging artists in photography and mixed media. 

The brainchild of founder and chief curator Marie Gomis-Trezise, Galerie Number 8 presents work that looks to broadencommon perceptions of identity, representation and the human condition. 

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Curated by Galerie Number 8

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