Clash of Civilisations, part 1, 2020

Unique Artwork

Recycled material

Recycled rubber and cables

CM H 60 W 70 Diameter 35

IN H 23.62 W 27.56 Diameter 13.78

Takunda Regis Billiat

A 2014 graduate of the National Gallery Visual Art Studio, Takunda Regis Billat specializes in painting. He has exhibited regularly throughout his student career, participating in exhibitions at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe and young artists' exhibitions at the Delta Gallery.

He is the winner of the Best Artwork Award at the Auxillia Chimusoro National Competition 2013 and the winner of the Tavatose Competition at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe 2014. He currently occupies a workspace at Chinembiri Studios in the Mbare district of Harare.

Takunda's work explores issues around Christianity and the Bible as social constructs in their own right in the contemporary rise of charismatic churches in Zimbabwe, leaving the phenomenon of impoverishment of prophets exploiting people's ignorance of the true content of their own religion to be observed.

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First Floor Gallery Harare

First Floor Gallery Harare is Zimbabwe's leading contemporary art gallery. Founded in 2009, it aims to support the career development of a new generation of Zimbabwean and African contemporary artists internationally. The gallery is committed to education and public awareness in order to sustainably support its contemporary artists and contribute to the development of the arts sector across the African continent.

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Curated by First Floor Gallery Harare

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