Sama 1, 2019

Unique Artwork

Woven Fabric
Woven at Atelier le Grand Village

CM H 50 W 67

IN H 19.69 W 26.38

Certificate of authenticity - Signed by artist

Côme Touvay

Côme Touvay, textile designer and artist, works between Paris and the south west of France. He studied textile design and weaving at ENSCI in Paris and worked for many years with various fashion houses including Hermès, Cartier, Rochas, Renault design.

Côme participates at the Maison d’Exception and was awarded the ‘Lauréat du grand prix de la création de la Ville de Paris’ in 2006. He also received the ‘Henri Van de Velde’ award in 2006 for the creation of collection Nuée with the Belgian linen manufacturer Verilin.

Since 2017 he has also created his new studio where he weaves by hand unique textile pieces bordering between the frontiers of art and design. He also teaches textile and weaving at ENSCI in Paris.

Focused on a research focused of different cultures and essential textile techniques, his creations demonstrate a language without frontiers, nomadic with the combination of a spectrum of textures and chromatic harmonies.

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Atelier le Grand Village

'Atelier le Grand Village' is a lithography studio located in the hamlet ‘le Grand Village’ in the Charente-Limousine, in the south-west of France. The founder, Francis van der Riet, was born in Zimbabwe and has lived in France since 1988. The aim of the studio is to revive the art of stone lithography by inviting artists in residence from around the world. Artists from several countries, including France, South Africa, the United States, Japan, Brazil and Bulgaria, have already come and worked in the studio. 

Atelier le Grand Village has participated in several exhibitions around the world particularly in France, South Africa, Sweden, Portugal and the United States. All works produced at the studio are registered with the Bibliothèque Nationale de France. Works created at the studio are in collections with the Albertina in Vienna, the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, the IZIKO South African National gallery and the Victoria & Albert museum in London.

In October 2019, Atelier le Grand Village was invited to the leading art fair dedicated to African art -1.54 Contemporary African Art Fair - London, as a special project by presenting works from Diane Victor, Bambo Sibiya and Mongezi Ncaphayi.

Atelier le Grand Village
7 le Grand Village
16310, Massignac

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Curated by Atelier le Grand Village

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