Lost ID 2, 2019

Unique Artwork

Charcoal on paper

CM H 68.58 W 50.8

IN H 27 W 20

Certificate of authenticity - Signed by artist

Lost ID 2, 2019

Artist Statement:

Using pencil as a medium I tend to portray my subjects in a way that task the mind of the audience causing them to think and put themselves in the shoes/situation of the subject character. My art identifies the subject as a wanderer, someone in search of his or her true identity.

The series explores confusion in thoughts, fantasies, reality and wandering. It is an emotional state portrayed in expression. Lost identity reflects on the subject as not visible to reality. The subject struggles to find and be found as his mind is perceived to be under the influence of something that drives it away from the external.

Talut Kareem

Talut Kareem is a contemporary artist based in Lagos. He initially studied Mass communication at Moshood Abiola Polytechnic where he got his National Diploma then dropped at the verge of completing his HND in pursuit of a B.A. in Visual Art from the University of Lagos. His love and enthusiasm for art has been evident from his childhood as he would always draw and paint in any book with empty pages.

Painting to him was his means of expression as he has always been an introvert right from childhood which affected his relationship with people. This then initiated his interest and decision to study art. He is a self-taught artist who specializes in drawing. He explores charcoal and acrylic on paper and canvas to portray his expressive blurry figures.

His practice, not only explore the transitory nature of the human mind but exist within the space of emotions, social behavior and sentiments. Tackling the mind state of disorder, his works reflect his personal experiences examining how his environment influences him and how he reacts to these experiences.

Talut has featured in exhibitions and artist residence of which are; Rele young contemporary artists in residence, 3x3x3 artists in residence, Next of kin exhibition where he was awarded a third winner prize, Conversations exhibition, Latitudes Art fair Online Exhibition and his most recent Sublime Exhibition (Rele gallery).

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