Versant Sud

Gallery - Marseille / France

Created in 2018


Versant Sud is an association whose main mission is to develop artistic and cultural projects in two territories: the Southern region of France and African countries.

The two geographical areas have one thing in common: they are territories marked by the virtual absence of an art market. Artists developing their activity in these two areas face buyers who are still under-represented or buying outside the territory.

To promote these two territories, Versant Sud is deployed on several axes:
The organization of an annual cross-artistic residency program between Marseille and an African capital; coordination of artistic and cultural projects for other structures and/or institutions; design-oriented training workshops for art schools, the proposal for conferences focusing on the African perspective, selling works of art created by the artist in residence. The association also provides various services to artists and cultural operators: administrative procedures, writing, editing and training. 

The launch season 2018 / 2019 of the artistic residencies is dedicated to Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. In October 2019, Versant Sud attended the leading fair dedicated to contemporary African Art - 1.54 Contemporary African Art Fair - in London and presented works from Leikun Nahuseney. 

Versant SUD
14, avenue des Chartreux
Marseille, 13004

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