Here To Stay, 2015

Unique Artwork

Felt collage

CM H 256 W 245

IN H 100.79 W 96.46

Here To Stay, 2015

Here to Stay, 2015 was part of the Jody Paulsen first solo show at SMAC Gallery entitled "Pushing Thirty".

The artist describes the show as a “millenial approach to becoming an adult”. Beneath its playful veneer lies a nuanced meditation on aging that situates time as a material commodity inherent in Jody’s production. Born in 1987, Jody got 30 in October this year. He is the definition of a millenial; the generation born after 1982 who came of age at the dawn of the new millennium. “These represent the past five years of my twenties” he says speaking of his enormous collages; “listening to podcasts, watching series and glueing spots”.

His early exploration in repetition and multiples gave rise to the overriding sense of pattern that has come to be a distinctive marker of his work. Jody cites Cameron Platter and Julia Rosa Clark as early influences which helped him realise the potential of “installative ceremony” in his arrangements. Unlike his peers who at the time were experimenting with a clean, minimalist aesthetic, his early work presents the beginnings of an ongoing affair with maximalism where the material spills off the surface of each work, exploding into the gallery in a chaotic revelry that celebrates colour, composition and pattern.

This genesis is an important part of Pushing Thirty because it orientates the thematic relationship between time and material that underscores the exhibition. But Jody is quick to point to the fact that the process is controlled “because otherwise you’re throwing away your time”.

To merely see these works in the terms set by their surface would be to undermine the socio-political nature of their content. Instead it is necessary to see them as the extension of how Jody locates “the self as fictional character” within the exhibition as a whole. In Emotional Ninja, Jody uses this protagonist to explore the way in which “millenials approach adulthood” and “relationships in your twenties” where “you fall harder but at the end you don’t really change”. Here we are confronted with an inner voice that parodies the millenial experience as a way of making sense of the emotional conflicts of youth.

Jody Paulsen

Jody Paulsen was born in Cape Town, South Africa where he currently lives and   works.

Paulsen completed a Bachelors of Fine Art (BFA) degree at Michaelis School of Fine Art at the University of Cape Town, South Africa in 2009. He received the Katrine Harris Print Cabinet Award for graduating with a BFA in Print Media. In 2012, he was awarded the Kramer Departmental Scholarship and continued to obtain his Master’s degree in Fine Arts, graduating from Michaelis School of Fine Art in 2013. Creating collages since a young age, Paulsen has always been drawn to this means of expression to position his understanding of the world.

He states the following about the use of felt for his current art practice in an interview published on Between10and5, “My process is really laborious but it does not feel very laborious when you’re in the thick of it. I tend to have obsessive thoughts which I record quite meticulously in my diary every day. I collage these thoughts into a text similarly to the way one would write a poem. Once I have resolved the text in my diary, I start recreating the text in felt.” As such, he continues to state that his process of production for a single tapestry can take up to a month to complete. It is also a cathartic process as Paulsen often isolates himself when producing work for an upcoming exhibition.

In terms of the other themes, Paulsen said the following in the excerpt from an article written by Matthew Partridge as found on the SMAC Gallery website, ‘ “I’m not a political artist” Jody maintains, “but sometimes I read The Economi...

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