Dance for an Ecstatic Internet, 2018

Unique Artwork

CM H 34 W 41.5

IN H 13.39 W 16.34

Signed by artist

Dance for an Ecstatic Internet, 2018

In his work, Robinson narrates the origin stories and founding myths of a fictional micro-civilisation, whose knowledge, beliefs, art, morals and customs echo real-world cultural constructs. This world-building exercise allows the artist to explore and critique fundamental ideas relating to the blocs of thinking that make up civilisation, such as progress, religion and aesthetics.

Referencing Plato, and the birth of conceptual thought, Robinson is interested in studying how humans deal with the prospect of transformation through abstract belief formation, and observes the human tendency to cling to ideas with the expectation of transcendental or transformative outcomes.

Leo Robinson

"Both the desire to indulge in abstraction and to cleanse oneself of it are presented on equal terms, as a constant battle between two extremes. The extreme dualities that exist not only in the mind but in external circumstances, such as current socio-political conflicts and religious debate also played a part in the conflict that exists within the work.” Leo Robinson.

Leo Robinson (b. 1994, Newcastle-under-Lyme) graduated from the Manchester School of Fine Arts in 2016.

His artistic practice runs parallel to his explorations in spirituality, self discovery and folklore. His work begins from meditations upon his own attachments and ideals, before questioning how they mirror the wider external human world. Robinson's visual symbols range from the deeply personal to the referential, scientific and historical. 

His current body of work presents the prophecies of a society split into frenzied technophiles and naturalist-purists, exploring ideas related to capitalism, the internet and environmentalism.

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