Looking for something again, 2020

Unique Artwork

Recycled material

Molten plastic and spray paint on wire

CM H 200 W 230 Thickness 40

IN H 78.74 W 90.55 Thickness 15.75

Julio Rizhi

After several years of study at the Visual Art Studio of the National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Julio decided to pursue his own experimental practice in the Chinembiri studios with several of Zimbabwe's leading new generation artists such as Gresham Tapiwa Nyaude, Moffat Takadiwa and Wycliffe Mundopa. Rizhi's work, like his, is deeply rooted in the urban life of Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, and makes strong connections between consumption and its consequences. His work explores this subject from the socio-ethical perspective of today's Zimbabwe.

His dystopian and dysmorphic constructions evoke environmental degradation and the social costs of high-density living, such as youth unemployment and drug addiction. In a gallows-like mood, Rizhi uses the seductive and vivid colours of the plastic he melts to create his sculptures, as a metaphor for the promises of a better future announced but never fulfilled.

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First Floor Gallery Harare

First Floor Gallery Harare is Zimbabwe's leading contemporary art gallery. Founded in 2009, it aims to support the career development of a new generation of Zimbabwean and African contemporary artists internationally. The gallery is committed to education and public awareness in order to sustainably support its contemporary artists and contribute to the development of the arts sector across the African continent.

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Curated by First Floor Gallery Harare

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