Amna, 2018

Unique Artwork


Acrylic on paper

CM H 70 W 50

IN H 27.56 W 19.69

Certificate of authenticity - Signed by artist

Amna, 2018

Salah Elmur’s work is composed of a fertile visual vocabulary that draws on his observations of life, returning to childhood and youth for the scenes, situations, and impressions that he depicts in his work. Heavy symbolism, a tendency towards vivid colour combinations, and distortion of natural figures and proportions are some of the markers of Elmur’s painting.

Elmur introduces additional elements that complement, but also unsettle the mood in his paintings. Plants and animals share the frame with the human subjects, limbs are shortened, growing shyly from the body, and proportions are distorted, altering the relationships between various objects and figures in the frame. All these elements are combined in a somewhat surrealistic swirl of memory, and resulting paintings are tender, intimate vignettes of human life.
Salah Elmur originally studied Graphic Design at the College of Fine and Applied Art, Sudan University, Khartoum. With a career spanning three decades, Elmur has participated in group and solo exhibitions in East Africa, the Middle East, and Europe and America 1985. Elmur has also published 12 children’s books and is a successful filmmaker; directing six short documentaries and fantasy films, which have been shown at international film festivals. In February 2018, the Sharjah Art Museum in the UAE held Fragrances of the Forest and Photos, a retrospective of Elmur’s work.

Most recently, Elmur’s work was featured Forests and Spirits, an exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery in London alongside two luminaries of Sudanese modernism, Kamala Ishaaq, and Ibrahim El Salahi. His work is collected widely and is included in the permanent collection of the Museum of African Contemporary Art Al Maaden (MACAAL) in Marrakech.

Studio Kamal is Elmur’s first major exhibition in Nairobi since 2014.

Salah El Mur

Born in Sudan, Cairo-based artist Salah El Mur spent years travelling and living across East Africa and the Middle East.

Floating between different geographical places and nationalities, El Mur has a rich and diverse background while maintaining a distinctive and peculiar Sudanese identity to the extent of becoming a flagship of Sudanese art.

His paintings portray a variety of heterogeneous tradition, folklore, vernacular of people and environments yet translated in a powerful contemporary visual language. El Mur deliberately ignores the logics of the relationship between elements. Thus, components are decontextualized and appear recombined together in a spontaneous family gathering.

The plain aesthetic combines archaic traditions and visionary language. In this sense, personal memories interact with survivals from the past, creating artworks that unfold as relics of a suspended present as much as documents of a recurrent social phenomenon integrated into social life.

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