Façade architecturale - Monochrome bleu, 2019

Unique Artwork

Acrylic paint on canvas
13 4/5 × 13 4/5 × 4/5 in
35 × 35 × 2 cm

CM H 35 W 35

IN H 13.78 W 13.78

Certificate of authenticity - Signed by artist

Sébastien Mehal

Sébastien Mehal shares with us a world apart from a reflection on life in an urban environment. Marked in his personal history by the phenomenon of the city and its singularities - frantic pace, anonymity, visual icons, social codes -Sébastien Mehal draws all his inspiration from his experiences. From the technique (the paint he uses is made up of pigments from the automobile industry) to the subjects treated (architecture, communication, the solitary individual, the subjective experience), modern life at the heart of his creation.

Some of his works are characterized by the use of industrial materials - graphical aluminum structures recalling the scaffolding of changing or expanding cities - on which are fixed paintings and other creations. But the artist also introduces in his works noble materials such as bronze and marble.
Through a minimalist aesthetic, he proposes a sociological and psychological reflection of society that he captures as an observer or a lookout. And in his artistic vocabulary, the light bulb appears as a key element.

Since his childhood, he has always had a fascination with the technical precision and beauty of light bulbs. From this motive - a sort of conceptual Electricity Fairy - he describes contemporary urbanity through electric metaphors: the social tensions that are quite strong on his native island - sometimes electric - with quite large differences in economic levels and where the social fabric is not made of a continuum but of breaks, reflections of a social complexity.

Sébastien Mehal launches his gestu...

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espace d'art contemporain 14°N 61°W

Established in early 2013 in Fort-de-France, espace d’art contemporain 14N 61W presents artists focusing on contemporary art in the Caribbean and around the world.

The gallery supports the intensity and diversity of art-making in the Caribbean region, as well as contributes to its regional and international diffusion.
To date, espace d’art contemporain 14N 61W has presented the works of Caribbean artists of African descent, such as Louisa Marajo, Jean-Ulrick Désert, Sébastien Méhal, Robert Charlotte, Nicolas Derné, Philippe Alexandre, Norville Guirouard-Aizée and Yoan Sorin.
The gallery is committed to offer a renewed perspective of the geographical and historical context of the Caribbean, while promoting and distributing new contemporary visual practices related to the region and beyond.

Place de l’Enregistrement

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