Untitled, 2017

Unique Artwork

Acrylic on canvas

CM H 140 W 140

IN H 55.12 W 55.12

Signed by artist

Untitled, 2017

Salah Elmur creates work composed from a fertile visual vocabulary that draws on his observations of life, returning to childhood and youth for the scenes, situations, and impressions that he depicts in his work.

Sudanese culture occupies a central role in his practice – particularly the geographical disparity between the different regions and the multiplicity of peoples that constitute the general fabric of society. Ritual and totemic, Elmur’s works are wrought with narratives both nostalgic and surreal. Influenced by Sudan—its fashion, architecture, colour, and energy—Elmur’s figures maintain a human edge, characters of rich communities and interior lives.

Salah El Mur

Born in Sudan, Cairo-based artist Salah El Mur spent years travelling and living across East Africa and the Middle East.

Floating between different geographical places and nationalities, El Mur has a rich and diverse background while maintaining a distinctive and peculiar Sudanese identity to the extent of becoming a flagship of Sudanese art.

His paintings portray a variety of heterogeneous tradition, folklore, vernacular of people and environments yet translated in a powerful contemporary visual language. El Mur deliberately ignores the logics of the relationship between elements. Thus, components are decontextualized and appear recombined together in a spontaneous family gathering.

The plain aesthetic combines archaic traditions and visionary language. In this sense, personal memories interact with survivals from the past, creating artworks that unfold as relics of a suspended present as much as documents of a recurrent social phenomenon integrated into social life.

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Gallery MOMO

Gallery MOMO is a contemporary art gallery with a focus on African art and art from the Diaspora. The gallery has spaces in Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa.

Since opening their doors in 2002, Gallery MOMO has developed a strong creative and intellectual platform for showcasing a substantial portfolio of South African, continental and international contemporary art.

The gallery also manage the estates of notable 20th century South African masters.

Gallery MOMO hosts a residency programme for local and international curators and artists where we aim to encourage an international dialogue and cooperation between artists from different parts of the world.

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