Untitled #2, 2015

Unique Artwork


collage on silver print
Kubor wrapping paper
Natural wood frame 40 x 30 cm

CM H 20 W 20

IN H 7.87 W 7.87

Certificate of authenticity - Signed by artist


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Untitled #2, 2015

This work is part of the second solo show of Vincent Michéa with Galerie Cécile Fakhoury. Titled "De Punta a Punta"

De Punta a Punta invites us to look at what is continuously evolving from point to point, the creativity, the relationship between the artist and his material within the subjects that he considers.

The visual artist and painter, Vincent Michéa, depicts stories that he has appropriated on paper and canvas. The picture is always at the heart of his creative process. He has thoroughly mastered the formal aspects, and questions whether the work is reproducible. The mechanisation in processing the representation refers to industrialisation, with a reflection on time. A relationship and a discussion arise from encountering a photograph, sometimes closer to an internal dialogue. The finality of the systematic process gives substance to the unique work.

In “Or serie,” Michéa enhances, lights up black and white portraits with golden paper, Kubor, in fact the packaging of a flavour enhancer; the very illusion. The collages in the 100% Dakar series model full-length profiles against a white background. A chair, an element and a graphic outfit provide balance and new energy to the miniature model beneath glass. DiscoClub develops the poses of a popular music star in Africa. She establishes herself within the frame and it promotes her, paying tribute to her talent.

Regarding his series of collage, Vincent Michéa writes: “I cut, I slice, I sculpt, I make incisions, I snip, I rip, I amputate, I behead and I dismember… A table, scissors, glue and a mess of pictures is the gear belonging to a photomontage artist. By artistically using photomontage to conceive images “backtracking” is permitted. It is also being aware that photography is an art and being doubtful of producing through this technique alone. Photomontage suddenly seems obvious, significant, perfectly contemporary and adapted to the current context of an incessant flow of all forms of visual and plastic information.

Photomontage requires a certain control over the memory. Far from being an iconoclastic activity, it is more an “animism of pictures”, a “polytheism of vision.” Designing and producing manually with simple and common photomontage tools represents one of the most meaningful gestures for a creator who wishes to make sensitive images charged with heightened tension.”

Vincent Michéa

Born in 1963 in Figeac, France. He lives and works in Paris and Dakar.

Vincent Michéa is first and foremost a collector of images. His own shots as well as clichés drawn from African history inhabit his creative process. His approach is a committed one, his choice of photographs is sentient. Vincent Michéa only works with images that move him, animate him and make sense in his work. Everything is connected. Pieces tie into one another, they are superimposed, answer each other, or multiply. Michéa’s paintings are as many hyphens to a  flagrant history of modernity. In this obsessive quest, Michéa turns himself into a fabulous image manipulator and one of the  first painters to cover a vibrant and uplifting African iconography.

From a distance, Michéa’s paintings look like tinted photographs. As you get closer, images disintegrate into a constellation of dots creating the different layers of reading of this alternate world. The notion of rewriting an image is also very present in his photo-collage work. Michéa thus depicts his collage process: “I cut, I slice, I sculpt, I make incisions, I snip, I rip, I amputate, I behead and I dismember...“

Michéa seriously plays with the views, the references, and talk to us using the language of color about his standards, cinema, popular music, a beautiful time, here but mostly from elsewhere: another space-time, a nostalgia, a futuristic vision, humanistic.

After graduating from the École Supérieure d'Arts Graphiques et d'Architecture Intérieure (ESAG Pennin-ghen) in Paris, Vincent Michéa moved to Dakar...

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Galerie Cécile Fakhoury

Galerie Cécile Fakhoury opened its doors in Abidjan, Ivory Coast in September 2012. In May, 2018 the gallery inaugurated second space in Dakar, Senegal and a showroom in Paris in France.

The gallery aims at promoting contemporary art in Africa. It offers visibility to creativity and contemporary artistic diversity in Africa through its programming of solo shows and group exhibitions, participation in international art fairs and biennales, and through its collaboration with foreign galleries.

Strongly rooted in their respective identities and stories, the artists represented by the gallery distinguish themselves through the use of a language that abolishes barriers and rejects geographical stigmatisation. Observers of a world they live in, these artists take an enlightened and critical look at our society. The diversity of their aesthetic gestures, committed positions to grab the complexity of History, participates in the writing of a living memory and asks us to reconsider our own relation to the world.

Cécile Fakhoury Abidjan
Boulevard Latrille
Between Carrefour de la Vie and le carrefour de la RTI
Between Sodemi and Immeuble Carbone
Abidjan - Ivory Coast

Cécile Fakhoury Dakar
Rue Carnot x Béranger Féraud
Behind, Hotel Pullman
BP 23402
Dakar - Sénégal

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Curated by Galerie Cécile Fakhoury

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