Artskop3437 partnered with the winter edition of BRUNEAF Fair 2019

Since its creation in 1997, the “Belgian Dealers’ Association of Non-European Art”, which in 1999 will become the “Brussels Non European Art Fair”, the main purpose of the association was “the promotion in Belgium and abroad of the primordial arts, in particular through the organisation of national or international events”.

BRUNEAF has always had at heart to transmit and share its passion for non-European arts; it therefore seemed as essential as it was natural for the members of the association to support these initiatives, by organising every year in Sablon, in the heart of Brussels, fairs of primitive arts, essential meetings gathering merchants, collectors, scientists or quite simply amateurs of this field of art that is often difficult to name, so many names: primitive, primordial, first, tribal arts, etc. BRUNEAF also launched from 2007, during the June fairs, the organisation of non-commercial thematic exhibitions of a cultural nature, accompanied by illustrated catalogues and in collaboration with private collectors and museum institutions such as the Tervuren Museum.

We would like to warmly thank Didier Claes of the eponymous gallery, Pierre Loos of the Ambre Congo gallery, Alexandre Claes, Olivier Castellano of the eponymous gallery, Tommaso Vigorelli of the Dalton Somaré gallery, the Renaud Vanuxem gallery, Thomas Bayet, Johanna Dréan, Céline Poizat and Milena Migueres from NONFICTION agency. 

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