1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair London 2019 announced their special project

1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair

1-54 announced their special projects for London 2019

In addition to the 45 international galleries exhibiting at the upcoming seventh edition, 1-54 will feature an expanded selection of Special Projects.

Mary Sibande : I came apart at the seams in partnership with Somerset House

After successful solo exhibitions of Malick Sidibé, Hassan Hajajj and Athi-Patra Ruga, 1-54 once again partnered with Somerset House to present I Came Apart at the Seams, an exhibition of new and celebrated works from one of South Africa’s most prominent contemporary artists Mary Sibande. In her first solo UK exhibition, Sibande presents photographic and sculptural works which explore the power of the imagination and righteous anger in shaping post-colonial identity in South Africa. Following the journey of Sibande’s alter-ego, Sophie, as she transitions through time, colour and form, the artist looks at the body, and particularly the way in which it is clothed, exploring it as a site where history and its legacies can be contested and redressed. The exhibition will open concurrently to the fair and running through 5 January 2020.

Nando’s in partnership with Spier Arts Trust

Nando’s, 1-54 Silver Sponsor, will present work for sale by four Southern African artists in partnership with Spier Arts Trust: Nelsa Guambe, Sepideh Mehraban, Qaqambile Bead Studio and Mxolisi Dolla Sapeta. It is with great pleasure that the fair partners with Nando’s, whose patronage of contemporary Southern African art, both enables career development opportunities for artists and the curation of Nando’s body of work. By allowing artists to focus full-time on their artistic careers with the potential to earn a regular income, Nando’s is making a difference in people’s lives while growing their body of high quality Southern African contemporary art.

1-54 Lounge by Distill2710

Again this year, the fair’s lounge will become an immersive experience inspired by the unique concepts in Yoruba heritage and African art, presented by Distill2710, the design studio and consultancy by Tola Ojuolape. Blue Cloth will look at Nigerian textiles and the craftsmanship they entail as a background and source of inspiration, influenced by the works of Nigerian pioneering artist, Chief Nike Okundaye. Distill2710 will create a communal space for gathering in the heart of the fair, exploring the art of textiles by showcasing and displaying traditional Nigerian Adire Batiq & Indigo dyes, the West African tradition thought to be at least a thousand years old.

Aïda Muluneh : Water Life by Wateraid in partnership with Somerset House

Aida Muluneh, Distant Echoes of Dreams, 2018 Archival Digital Print 31 1/2 × 31 1/2 in 80 × 80 cm Edition of 7 © Aida Muluneh
Aida Muluneh, Distant Echoes of Dreams, 2018 Archival Digital Print 31 1/2 × 31 1/2 in 80 × 80 cm Edition of 7 © Aida Muluneh and David Krut Projects

Engaging in issues of water scarcity and ecological emergency, photographer Aïda Muluneh presents a new series of work commissioned by WaterAid and supported by H&M Foundation. The Afrofuturist tableaux of images were shot against the extreme backdrop of one of the driest places on earth, Dallol, in the Afar District of Ethiopia. Reflecting on her travels across the country, Muluneh looks at the number of women who travel on foot carrying heavy containers of water. Each image in this body of work responds to the challenge of water access, exploring it as a social issue directly impacting rural regions and the development of whole communities.

Studio Kameni

Studio Kameni aims to explore, discover and give new life to the photographic archives of Michel “Papami” Kameni, who documented the rapid evolution of postcolonial Yaounde, the capital of Cameroon, from 1963 onwards. The images will be shown publicly for the first time, showcasing Michel “Papami” Kameni’s intimate study of the relationship between the photographer and his subjects, hailing from all social circles and varied cultured backgrounds. Through these images transpire the dreams and aspirations of a nation in transition, new musical influences, a westernised fashion and an evolving fusion of tradition and modernity.

Special project of 1-54 contemporary African art fair
Marlise Keith in collaboration with Qaqambile Bead Studio, The Brave Yard (detail), 2017, Glass seed beads on board, 138 x 200 cm. Courtesy Nando’s UK Collection

Atelier le Grand Village : Bambo Sibiya, Mongezi Ncaphayi & Diane Victor

Atelier le Grand Village, a residency space located in the South of France, dedicated to the artistical revival of stone lithography will showcase work by three major artists who feature in public and private collections in South Africa and abroad. Bambo Sibiya’s multiples, rich in stylistic detail and texture, will be shown alongside abstract prints by Mongezi Ncaphayi and Diane Victor’s manière noire, ash and smoke artworks which deal with the taboos of South African society, and social and political life tainted with violence, corruption and social disparities.

C& Artist’s editions: Kapwani Kiwanga

As part of its C& Artist’s Editions project of specially-commissioned works by collaborating artists, C& will present a series of small sculptures by Kapwani Kiwanga, which reference the French colonial urbanist Hubert Lyautey’s proposition that a measurement of 500ft should be placed between native and European areas. He did so during the International Congress of Urbanism in the colonies which was held in Paris, France in 1931 in conjunction with the Colonial Exhibition taking place in the city. Published notes from the Congress included the recommendation by Lyautey, who was particularly influential on the urbanisation of Morocco. His proposition came to be known as the Lyautey doctrine.

Thread: Silva Rosi & Anne-Marie Akussah

Special project of 1-54 contemporary African Art Fair
Thread © Hanninen

1-54 will also welcome a Special Project by Thread, a cultural centre and artist residency programme in Sinthian, a remote village in eastern Senegal. Thread will showcase Presenting cultural connections which highlights the work of two young London-based artists; photographer Silvia Rosi and painter Anne-Marie Akussah who, during their residency at Thread, have explored ideas around identity and migration, and whose subjects are linked to their own West African heritage.

Versant Sud: Leikun Nahusenay

VERSANT SUD will present a solo exhibition of works by Ethiopian artist Leikun Nahusenay, created during his two-month residency in Marseille. Nahusenay will also create an in-situ artwork, live during the fair. VERSANT SUD offers a programme of residencies and artistic exchanges in two geographical areas, the southern region of France and African capital cities. The residency program helps to reveal talents, allows for the professionalization of artists, connects artists with collectors and plays a key role in enabling mobility. VERSANT SUD was launched in 2018, with its first program dedicated to Addis Ababa, capital of Ethiopia.fefeef

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1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair 3-6 October 2019, Somerset House, London Somerset HouseStrand, London WC2R 1LA

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