Danza en el bosque, Huile sur toile, collage, gravure et broderie, 225 x 146 cm, 2019. © Courtesy Fondation Clément

Luz Severino – Dentro Del Bosque at the Fondation Clément

Luz Severino was born in the Dominican Republic. She has lived and worked in Martinique since 2000.

This is the third solo exhibition that Luz Severino is presenting at the Fondation Clément. In 2011 she directed Derrière le voile and in 2007 Visages innocents. This time with his 2019 work Dentro del Bosque, the artist organizes her work in a wonderful break with her previous works.

Mixing styles and techniques (paintings, installations, engravings), Luz Severino confides to us: “In this exhibition, I denounce the impact of humanity on the planet and in particular on nature. For many generations, man has been destroying his environment – which has nourished him since the dawn of time – and nature is the symbol of life. As the ancestral Amerindian or African sentence quoted by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in Terre des hommes indicates so well: “We do not inherit the land of our ancestors, we borrow it from our children”. Thus, in my opinion, man’s responsibility towards the environment should be a responsibility assumed towards future generations. Every gesture made on earth concerns each of us and implies above all a legacy that will follow the next generations.

It is the desire for a collective awareness of the environment and the hope of loving and protecting nature that the artist presents to us, of course with singular aesthetic choices that remain to be discovered.

Luz Severino – Dentro Del Bosque
4 October – 24 November 2019
Curator : Sophie Ravion d’Ingianni
Fondation Clément
Habitation Clément
97240 Le François – Martinique

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