ART PARIS 2020 comes back to the Grand Palais in September

Thanks to the support of the majority of its galleries, the Grand Palais and in a favourable context now that lockdown has come to an end and the health situation is improving – Art Paris 2020, will be returning to the Grand Palais from the 10th – 13th September.

Reinforced safety

This decision was not taken lightly and only after speaking with the 147 exhibiting galleries and an extensive number of collectors to get their opinion. The green light was also given by the authorities (both the government and scientists) to go ahead with organising the fair in September, as did the other major events at the Grand Palais. Special health measures will be implemented and the maximum number of visitors will be limited to around 3,000. The layout of the fair will be modified with wider aisles and less exhibitors . Thermal cameras will be installed at the entrances if necessary, opening times will be adjusted, the number of visitors at the preview will be limited and the fair will be open exclusively to professionals and collectors every day from 10 till 12 pm.

Photo credit Art Paris Art Fair, Grand palais
Photo credit Art Paris Art Fair, Grand palais

A solidarity edition

This edition of the fair, which can be qualified as an act of resistance, reflects the desire to support the galleries and showcase their work, at a time when they and the artists they represent are in particular need of help. Several measures have been put in place, for example the payment of the remaining balance will not be requested before the fair and exhibitors may even choose to pay in several instalments, up until the end of the year if necessary. Additionally Art Paris will create a support fund to which it undertakes to give all the proceeds of ticket sales. The fund will provide concrete help to young galleries exhibiting at the fair that are in difficulty because of the crisis. More than 80 French and international galleries have already confirmed with enthusiasm that they will be taking part in September (34 have turned down the offer and some 30 are still thinking about it). In addition, a number of new galleries that were denied the chance of exhibiting at fairs this spring would also like to apply.

Photo credit Art Paris Art Fair, seen from the gallery booth LA BALSA ARTE Grand palais
Photo credit Art Paris Art Fair, seen from the gallery booth LA BALSA ARTE Grand palais

A much-awaited upturn in activity

According to the owners of Art Paris, Julien and Valentine Lecêtre: “A large majority of galleries that we have talked to believe that September will be a period of intense activity and the ideal time to restart business. We are ready to take up this challenge with our galleries and we will put all our energy into making sure that Art Paris gets the autumn cultural events programme at the Grand Palais off to the best start possible this September. Paris is a major world capital that continues to attract a lot of visitors. Not only does it boast a large number of cultural institutions, its collectors are particularly active.” One of the advantages of Art Paris is that, in addition to its international scope, it is also a local and regional fair. It is a reassuring fact that 80% of visitors either come from the Paris region (Île de France) or other areas of France.

A local presence of African artists

Photo credit Art Paris Art Fair, Grand palais
Photo credit Art Paris Art Fair, Grand palais

” Promesses “, a project to support young galleries and emerging creation will host 14 young galleries, many of them dealing with contemporary African art. The galleries will each be presenting between one and three emerging artists – and benefit from financial sponsorship from the fair. We will find among others the gallery Véronique Rieffel representing the Togolese artist Clay Apenouvon born in 1970 as well as Najia Mehadji a Franco-Moroccan artist born in 1950 in France. Gallery 31 Project will also be present with the Nigerian artist Kelani Abass born in 1979.

Art Paris Art Fair
Contemporary Art Fair
From 10 to 13 September 2020
Grand palais
Paris, France

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After graduating with a law degree from the University Panthéon-Assas Paris II, I joined ICART Paris to pursue an MBA in International Art Market. I am passionate about contemporary art from Africa and Afro-descendant cultures. I believe it is vital and important that contemporary art from Africa informs us about the multiplicity and nuances of its realities. It is also very important to me that this artistic expression be a vector of African and Afro-descendant history, identity and innovation.

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