Morceaux choisis: a group exhibition at SEPTIEME Gallery

Morceaux Choisis is SEPTIEME’s response to the current state of affairs.

A group exhibition

A programming cut short, SEPTIEME Gallery decided on a group show of what is here, of those who have surrounded them since the opening of the gallery: their artists, Didier Viodé, Kaloki Nyamai or Yvanovitch Mbaya. According to the founders “the thread tying these pieces was the being together in this gallery that we all share from Paris but which radiates far beyond, from Tunis to Nairobi, via Casablanca and Besançon”.

Yvanovitch Mbaya, série Pénombre, Encre, Marc de café et de stylo sur papier, 2020 . 42 x 30. With courtesy of SEPTIEME Gallery
 Yvanovitch Mbaya, série Pénombre, Encre, Marc de café et de stylo sur papier, 2020 . 42 x 30. With courtesy of SEPTIEME Gallery

The defence of social justice

Then these pieces ended up resonating surreptitiously with their time, with the voices that rose and continue to rise from Minneapolis to Paris, the voices of equality and equal representation of men and women, whatever their color or background. SEPTIEME’s activism lies behind each of their interventions, hoping in this way to participate from their corner in a change in perceptions and the diffusion of art.

Focus on Grégory Olympio

Born in 1986 in Togo in a mixed family of Beninese, Togolese and French cultures, with the feeling of being on a kind of bridge between them, his work often plays with the notion of limit. His work constantly goes back and forth between the individual and the world and between the universal and the personal.

View of the installation of the exhibition Morceaux choisis, (SEPTIEME Gallery), © (SEPTIEME Gallery)
View of the installation of the exhibition Morceaux choisis, SEPTIEME Gallery, © SEPTIEME Gallery

For this exhibition, Grégory Olympio proposed an installation created in situ and ad tempus: a black tarpaulin covers the floor of SEPTIEME Gallery for the next two months. A tarpaulin that makes visible what is not usually visible, a tarpaulin that bothers us but that will not leave until we are fully aware of it and accept that the situation is no longer tenable.

SEPTIEME Gallery: Who are they ?

SEPTIEME Gallery is a contemporary art gallery whose doors open in October 2019, founded by Julie Banâtre and Léa Perier Loko. They offer a new iteration of the gallery – thoughtfully and purposefully disobedient, with an undercurrent of activism. The artists represented by the gallery share a sharp critical sense and a willingness to go beyond the confines of gesture, medium and thought through a universal language. In this way, they show a deep desire to be defined by their creations rather than being restricted by an identity. Together, they illustrate the increasingly dense diversity of the world around them by asking open questions for us to ponder.

Group exhibition of contemporary art from Africa.
From 16 June 2020 to 31 July 2020
31 Rue de l’Université
Paris, France

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About the author

Oceane Kinhouande

After graduating with a law degree from the University Panthéon-Assas Paris II, I joined ICART Paris to pursue an MBA in International Art Market. I am passionate about contemporary art from Africa and Afro-descendant cultures. I believe it is vital and important that contemporary art from Africa informs us about the multiplicity and nuances of its realities. It is also very important to me that this artistic expression be a vector of African and Afro-descendant history, identity and innovation.

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