Artist residency call 2020. Versant Sud. Addis Ababa. Ethiopia.

Versant Sud / Call for artist residency 2020 for artists from Addis Ababa

VERSANT SUD develops artistic and cultural projects in two territories: the southern region of France and African capitals. The two geographical areas have one thing in common: they are territories marked by the virtual absence of an art market.

The structure’s ambition is to provide support in contemporary artistic creation and in the dynamisation of these two markets. Versant Sud has developed a programme of artistic residencies and exchanges that allows artists to take time away from the constraints of everyday life to devote themselves to experimenting with their practice. This residency program reveals talent, enables the professionalization of artists, offers meetings with buyers and plays a decisive role in the development of artists.

To reach these challenges, the artists will be supported in three areas:

  • An artistic cross-production residency between Marseille and an African country,
  • Discussions in art schools,
  • Online sales and/or participation to a contemporary art fair

During her/his production residency, the artist is invited to carry out three missions:

  • An artwork in collaboration with an art craft of her/his choice,
  • A silkscreen,
  • About ten artworks with the artist’s preferred medium.

Past residencies

In 2018/2020 the chosen partner country was Ethiopia.

  • In 2018, component 1 of the residency programme welcomed the Ethiopian artist Leikun Nahusenay toMarseille. Watch the video on Leikun Nahusenay’s residency: here
  • His French binomial Fabienne Guilbert Burgoa was welcomed last December in Addis Ababa. Watch the video on Fabienne Guilbert Burgoa’s residence: here

Call for Applications 2020, General Conditions

This call for applications concerns for the second year the selection of an Ethiopian artist for a residency to take place in Marseille from August 1 to September 30, 2020.

To support Ethiopian creation, Versant Sud proposes this residency to young graduates of art and design schools and professional artists under 35 years old living in Addis Ababa. All artistic disciplines are accepted (plastic arts, photography, painting, drawing, engraving, sculpture, etc.). Video and digital arts are not accepted.

This production residency includes the artist’s collaboration with an art craft. At the time of application, the artist chooses a subject with which she/he would like to work and develops a basic idea, which will evolve during the residency. The principle is to use the raw material of a leading manufacturer/artisan in their field and bring it to life through an original artistic project. It is also about stimulating the craftsmen’s spirit of creativity and innovation by confronting them with the vision of an artist.

Terms of selection

The invited artist in residence is selected via this call for applications posted on the website and partner sites ( for example). 10 candidates will be pre-selected by the Versant Sud team to be presented to a jury of professionals.

The selection criteria :

  • Plastic quality of the artistic work and innovative character
  • Relevance and technical feasibility of the production project to the craft
  • Ability to confront and interact with the place of production (past residencies, stays abroad)

Practical information: 1 August – 30 September 2020

Eight weeks of effective residence. Follow-up will be coordinated by Versant Sud team at a minimum of one appointment per week (logistical support, help in reflection, provision of tools, networking, choice of service providers, etc.). The artist will be welcomed in Dos Mares, Marseille.

Accommodation in Marseille: The accommodation and the studio of the artist are located at the Residence Dos Mares (in the heart of Ville in Marseille). The artist will benefit from a 1 bedroom and 1 private workshop (with tools available). The bed linen and towels are provided (presence of a washing machine and an internet connection). The artist has access to the production workshop every day and 24 hours a day. During the residency, the artist is required to bring tools, computer equipment and materials necessary for her/his work.

Course of the residency

  • Week 1: Welcome and immersion of the resident in Marseille (tourist and cultural visits)
  • Weeks 2, 3, 4: Production of a artpiece in collaboration with a local craftsman
  • Weeks 5, 6: Publishing a Silk-Screen print
  • Week 7: Creation of original artworks
  • Week 8: Presentation of the work carried out in residence to the general public and schoolchildren.

Archives made during the residency: two videos in instagram and Youtube format. Post-residency: for one year, a post-residency follow-up may be set up on a voluntary basis by the artist and Versant Sud to support artistic exposure. This option will be the subject of a second contract for the deposit of a selection of works created during the residency.

Financial means supported by the Versant Sud The selected artist will benefit from :

  • A round-trip plane ticket from Addis Ababa to Marseille
  • Accommodation and a workshop for 8 weeks- a residence allowance of 300 €/month for catering costs
  • Material necessary for the realization of original works
  • A service from a craftsman for the realization of an artpiece
  • An edition with a local printer
  • An instagram teaser format, a documentary in Youtube format, and making of pics usable for the artist’s communication on her/his networks.
  • Reimbursement of airport shuttle fees and the cost of returning the artworks

Expenses to be borne by the resident artist

  • The visa and administrative costs of the artistic residency
  • Personal travel expenses related to daily life during the artistic residency
  • The resident artist will have to take out compulsory repatriation insurance for the duration of her/his stay. A certificate must be attached to the residence agreements.

How to apply?

The complete application form must be sent by e-mail before June 13, 2020 (midnight) to:, indicating your first and last name in the subject line of the e-mail, according to the following model: VS2020_LASTNAME_First name. Beyond 10 mo, it is preferable to send your application via

Note that all documents must be sent at once.

The application must include :

  • A curriculum vitae in PDF including a list of previous exhibitions and residencies, name, address, ageand family situation. Please name this file: LastName_FirstName_CV
  • An artistic or professional file in PDF, including visuals of the works (don’t forget to caption and dateyour visuals). You can also include in this artistic folder, URL links to videos and interviews. Please compile your visuals in a single PDF and name this file: LastName_FirstName_Artistic Folder
  • A note of intent of the residency project with the chosen craft in PDF (one page). Thank you for namingthis file: LastName_FirstName_Project2020

Legal framework and commitment of the artist

A residency agreement specifying the commitments of Versant Sud and the host artist will be signed before the beginning of the stay.

The resident artist commits to :

  • Lead the cross artistic residency to its end and participate in the weekly residency follow-up (exceptions are made in case of emergency only). The artist is invited to work regularly in the studio, with a minimum of twenty- four hours per week.
  • At the end of the production residency (week 8), the artist-in-residence will be asked to devote a maximum of 10 to 20 hours of his or her residency time to public and school group presentations.
  • Collaborate with a local craftsman to create a common work of art.
  • To collaborate in the publication of a silkscreen print that will accompany the production and the residency release.
  • Conceive and produce a body of work
  • To be present when leaving the residence and to ensure the assembly and dismantling of the works.

Ownership and return of works created in residence

The works created during the residency (works created in collaboration with the craftman and a corpus of original artworks) may, depending on the artist’s choice, either be returned to the artist after the residency (the dimensions of reasonable works will have to be discussed with the artist at the beginning of the residency), or stored in Marseille as part of a deposit for one year. 50% of the silkscreen stock will be returned to the artist, and 50% to Versant Sud with a view to being put up for sale respectively.

The works created within the framework of the residency are the property of the artist.

Contact VERSANT SUD – 1, place de la gare de la Blancarde 13004 Marseille Mail:

Website and call online:

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